What is The Best Bundle Hair?

Typical bundles will have 'Longest Hair Proportion >=15%' and these bundles tend to be filler at the roots (weft) and thinner at the ends. They are also the cheapest. You can easily get three bundles and a frontal/closure/360 frontal for less than £100.
However, you get what you pay for and the thin ends are very noticeable with curly hair; you will see spaces through the curls. With straight hair, you will notice loads of short strands, which is not great if you want that 'Naomi Campbell' straight look, or a super sleek bob.
So, if you're on a budget, try and stay away from the super-long lengths (i.e., over 20") and/or add an extra bundle. This way, you can always trim the thin ends and have a fuller look.
Here is a tip for buying hair on Mooichic hair: On the 'description' section, look for the 'Longest Hair Proportion' and/or 'Shortest Hair Proportion'. These percentages will tell you how thick the bundles are from the weft to the ends.
If you have the money to splurge, look for bundles with a 'Longest Hair Proportion of at least 25%. If you want premium premium bundles, go for those with a 'Longest Hair Proportion of 90% or a Shortest Hair Proportion of <=5%.
This hair will be long from the weft to the ends. No halfway, fly-away short strands, just long, lusciousness. Be prepared to spend though, this quality of hair does not come cheap.
For me, this is the easiest way to tell if the hair is good or not because band colors, tags and all that changes all the time and sellers are catching on. Anyway, hope this helps.
For super-affordable bundles. For premium bundles, that are long and think from weft to ends link>> https://www.mooichic.com/collections/human-hair-weave

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