15 Cute Rubber Band Wigs Styles


1.Rubber Band Hairstyle for Short Natural Hair: If you have just had the big chop and are wondering how to style your short natural hair, rubber bands are a great option. They make a statement and add a fun, eye-catching quality to your hair. At the same time, rubber band hairstyles are simple to create, meaning you won’t need to spend too much time doing your hair. One standout style is creating a box pattern ‘hairband’ effect. Section the front of your hair as you would when putting in box braids, but leave the rest of your hair loose. The result is cute, pretty, and feminine.

2.Rubber Band Hairstyle for Long Natural Hair: Rubber bands are a great way to inject vibrant color into your hairstyle. If you have long natural hair that’s been braided – or you’ve had long braids put in – try adding rubber bands to give your style serious ‘90s vibes. Place the elastics at different intervals on your braids, not just at the ends. Finally, add hair clips in equally bright colors to tie the whole look together. As you can easily remove the rubber bands, it’s also a versatile styling option to shake up your braids for a day.

3.Rubber Band Hairstyle for Medium Natural Hair: Ideal for medium natural hair, try a sleek rubber band hairstyle. The key is to show off your hair’s natural curl with a high-shine finish, while also creating a polished and defined pattern with rubber bands in the front. Section your hair into boxes – or even triangles – then braid or twist the pieces of hair together with the elastics. Add beads or rings for an extra glamorous touch, then spritz through an oil mist on the rest of your hair to create shiny, bouncy curls. It’s the perfect look when you’re attending a special occasion, such as a Homecoming, wedding, or prom.

4.Criss Cross Rubber Band Hairstyle: One of the best-known rubber band hairstyles is the criss-cross. The pattern is eye-catching and is an excellent addition to other hairstyles, like a ponytail. Plus, it has a more playful feel than the classic box pattern of standard rubber band hairstyles. To get the look, you can section either the front and crown or side of your hair into triangles or diamonds. Then, secure the hair in each section with a band. Finally, working from front to back, connect the sectioned hair diagonally in an overlapping criss-cross pattern. Once you’ve worked your way back, secure the hair in a bun, ponytail, or puff.

5.Easy Rubber Band Hairstyle: Keep it super simple with a hairband-effect rubber band hairstyle. Not only is it feminine and beautiful, but it also frames your face and takes less time than other more complex rubber band hairstyles. Plus, it suits a variety of textures and curls patterns – as long as your hair is long enough. To create the hairband effect, work from left to right. Secure a small section of hair with a rubber band, then twist it into the next section, adding a rubber band each time. In a few minutes, you’ll have a pretty hairstyle that’s ready to be shown off.

6.Rubber Band Straight Ponytail Hairstyle: Rubber bands add a touch of personality and playfulness to any hairstyle. Why not contrast a super sleek and straight ponytail with a rubber band pattern? You’ll get the best of both worlds! Your stylist can create the fun rubber band pattern – such as a classic box or criss-cross design – at the front and crown of your head, before braiding in extra-long extensions to form the ponytail. Alternatively, you can add a clip-in ponytail extension to keep the styling process short.

7.Rubber Band Natural Ponytail Hairstyle: The rubber band hairstyle looks as good when paired with a curly natural ponytail as it does with a sleek, straight one. Lean into the fun and playful look of this hairstyle – and dress it up for a night-time event – by metal beads or rings to cover the rubber bands. For an extra touch of style, you can also incorporate tribal braids – both as part of the ponytail and as face-framing pieces.

8.Hairstyle for Curly Hair: You can embrace rubber band hairstyles while still showing off your big, bouncy curls. The contrast between the flat rubber bands and the volume in the rest of your hair will turn heads and make you the center of attention. A cute and festival-ready option is to combine a criss-cross rubber-band pattern with curly hair. Not only is the hairstyle fun and fresh, with a throwback ‘90s vibe, it also frames your face beautifully so your features won’t get lost behind your hair.

9.Rubber Band Hairstyle with Straight Hair: For those with naturally straight hair, a classic rubber band style is a bubble ponytail. It’s also an option if you have a weave or your hair has been chemically relaxed. Super simple and very cute, you can adapt a bubble ponytail for a daytime festival or a glam night out. Start with a high ponytail, then place the bands – a similar color to your hair is ideal – at different intervals down the length of the ponytail. Gently pull each section horizontally to create the ‘bubble’ effect.

10.Updo Hairstyle: Rubber bands can add an extra touch of style and glamour to a simple updo hairstyle. Use the sectioning technique to create patterns at the front, side, and back of your head, then twist the rest of your hair – or your extensions – up into a bun. The key is contrast – don’t make the bun itself too complicated, as you want the rubber band sections to provide contrast and interest. Even better, the rubber bands will draw the eye to your face and jewelry, such as a statement pair of earrings.

11.Colorful Rubber Band Hairstyle: Rubber band hairstyles often have a playful and youthful feel – so why not lean into it by choosing colorful rubber bands? Pastels, neons, and brights all attract the eye and pop against dark hair, meaning you will stand out from the crowd. However, to avoid the ’90s costume or kid-in-the-playground effect, it’s important not to overdo the rubber bands and keep the rest of your look glamorous. Opt for sophisticated make-up – think a matte lipstick, sun-kissed highlighter, and flawless brows.

12.Half Up Half Down Rubber Band Hairstyle: Half-up half-down hairstyles have been trending as they provide the sophistication of a bun with the low-maintenance vibes of a loose hairstyle. Rubber bands can give your classic half-up half-down style a cute, unique, and individual twist, without taking too much extra time. Plus, if you use white or colorful bands, you can draw attention to your face. It is a fun and flattering look that is perfect for school, brunch, or a picnic date.

13.Rubber Band and Bun Hairstyle: Adding a rubber-band pattern is a simple way to give your bun a unique flair and show off your personality. Whether you choose to create the design in one section – such as on the side – or all over, it will provide an eye-catching and stylish contrast. Keep it super sleek and sophisticated for a formal event by using bands that blend in with your hair. Alternatively, elastics that are a pretty and feminine color, like pink, are an excellent option for a date night.

14.Rubber Band and Two Buns Hairstyle: What’s better than one bun? Two! Make your double buns or puffs stand out by pairing them with rubber bands. The hairstyle is an excellent choice for a festival or day party as it has a cute and playful feel. Plus, the rubber-band sections ensure your hair lies flat, meaning the buns will ‘pop’ more. Add to the joyful vibes of the hairstyle by choosing colorful rubber bands instead of basic black or white.

15.Rubber Band Pigtails Hairstyle: Make your basic pigtails stand out by combining them with rubber bands. One of the most versatile looks, you can take the hairstyle from school to gym to a weekend date. The key is to secure the bands in diagonal sections that draw the eye back to where your pigtails start. The final result is a subtle Dutch braid effect without the braids that add polish and personality to your hair. Keep the rest of your make-up fresh and flawless to nail the look.

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